Podcast 272

  • Fred Krueger How do I keep the screen on my computer from jumping back to the top of the page when I am scrolling down on a page?
  • Jes Scott Why are some Intel processors not accepted for the Windows 11 Update
  • News Item: Hackers somehow got their rootkit a Microsoft-issued digital signature
  • News Item: Amazon's Alexa Collects More of Your Data Than Any Other Smart Assistant
  • News Item: Leaked email allegedly shows that Google did ask Roku for special search treatment for YouTube
  • News Item: FBI, others crush REvil using ransomware gang’s favorite tactic against it
  • News Item: Intel now says the chip shortage may not ease up until at least 2023
  • News Item: FTC: ISPs collect and monetize far more user data than you’d think
  • News Item: FiveSys steal user names & Passwords, cracked software downloads
  • News Item: Facebook sues Ukrainian who scraped the data of 178 million users
  • News Item: Egypt detains artist robot Ai-Da before historic pyramid show
  • News Item: Bitcoin's Price Crashed 87% on a Major Exchange Thanks to a Bug
  • News Item: Chinese tech minister says he's 'dealt with' 73,000 sites that breached the law
  • News Item: This math teacher puts calculus lessons on Pornhub

Photo by Simone Secci on Unsplash