Podcast 273

  • Roger Houston My newest Dell desktop recently received a notice: "Upgrade to windows 11 is ready for your PC". Should I wait or is it safe now to transition to 11? My other 2 older PC's are not capable due to the older Intel UP's.
  • News Item: Facebook is changing its name to Meta
  • News Item: Microsoft warns of rise in password sprays targeting cloud accounts
  • News Item: Ransomware Has Disrupted Almost 1,000 Schools in the US This Year
  • News Item: Police arrest hackers behind over 1,800 ransomware attacks
  • News Item: Twitter employees required to use security keys after 2020 hack
  • News Item: $28B Startup Says Companies Were Refusing Their Free Open-Source Code as 'Not Enterprise-Ready'
  • News Item: Microsoft's Android app support in Windows 11 started
  • News Item: Microsoft passes Apple to become the world’s most valuable company
  • News Item: DDoS attacks against Russian firms have almost tripled in 2021
  • News Item: The US Government Wants Signal’s Private User Data That It Simply Doesn't Have

Photo by Windows on Unsplash