Podcast 274

  • K Edward Lynch Tell us about Minecraft
  • K Edward Lynch Why will the Quantum Internet be unhackable
  • News Item: Windows 10 21H1 now in broad deployment, available to everyone
  • News Item: Chromebooks on "massive downturn" from pandemic-fueled heights
  • News Item: Microsoft now envisions Teams as the 'gateway to the metaverse'
  • News Item: FBI warns of increased use of cryptocurrency ATMs, QR codes for fraud
  • News Item: Microsoft warns Windows 11 features are failing due to its expired certificate
  • News Item: The iPhone 13 Screen Is a Repair Nightmare That Could Destroy Repair Shops Forever
  • News Item: A ransomware gang shut down after Cybercom hijacked its site and it discovered it had been hacked
  • News Item: Data transfers between the EU and the US: Still unclear on what you're supposed to do
  • News Item: Yahoo becomes the next US firm to pull services out of China
  • News Item: Google to allow third party app payments for first time in S.Korea

Photo by Windows on Unsplash