Podcast 275

  • K Edward Lynch is there a safe software that will clean up the registry without losing stuff?
  • News Item: America is hiring a record number of robots
  • News Item: SMS About Bank Fraud as a Pretext for Voice Phishing
  • News Item: Hoax Email Blast Abused Poor Coding in FBI Website
  • News Item: Microsoft to Block Windows 11 Browser Workarounds
  • News Item: Apple will no longer break Face ID on repaired iPhone 13s
  • News Item: Vizio‚Äôs profit on ads, subscriptions, and data is double the money it makes selling TVs
  • News Item: Tim Cook: Users Who Want to Sideload Apps Can Use Android, While the iPhone Experience Maximizes 'Security and Privacy'
  • News Item: New bipartisan bill takes aim at algorithms
  • News Item: South Korea tests system for controlling air taxis
  • News Item: Seoul will be the first city government to join the metaverse
Question Photo by Lenny Kuhne on Unsplash