Podcast 280

  • News Item: Science Magazine 2021 Breakthrough of the year
  • News Item: Microsoft moves more settings away from the Control Panel on Windows 11
  • News Item: YouTube TV customers have lost access to all Disney-owned channels including ESPN and ABC
  • News Item: Google Drive could soon start locking your files
  • News Item: Google Faces Huge Fines in Russia as Putin Ally Wins Lawsuit
  • News Item: Federal Court Blocks Texas’ Unconstitutional Social Media Law
  • News Item: Regulators open probe into red hot 'buy now, pay later' industry
  • News Item: US lawmakers want to put NSO Group, 3 other spyware makers out of business
  • News Item: The war over Chinese Wikipedia is a warning for the open internet
  • News Item: Facebook bans 7 'surveillance-for-hire' companies that spied on 50,000 users
  • News Item: Powering the Metaverse
  • News Item: Boeing wants to build its next airplane in the 'metaverse'
AlphaFold Photo by AlphaFold on AlphaFold