Podcast 287

  • Gregory Wilson Why will local police refuse to take police reports and escalate that to the DA for identity theft if you can prove who did it?
  • News Item: Google to overhaul ad tracking on Android phones used by billions
  • News Item: The Sun Has Erupted Non-Stop All Month, And There Are More Giant Flares Coming
  • News Item: BlackBerry's 5G Phone Is Officially Dead
  • News Item: GM seeks U.S approval to deploy self-driving vehicles
  • News Item: Intel's new chip plans could turn up rival AMD's fortunes
  • News Item: Apple plans AirTag updates to curb unwanted tracking
  • News Item: DARPA flies a Black Hawk helicopter without a pilot for 30 minutes
  • News Item: What now for the IAB’s GDPR fix after regulator snafu?
  • News Item: Humans Find AI-Generated Faces More Trustworthy Than the Real
  • News Item: Facial recognition firm Clearview AI tells investors it’s seeking massive expansion beyond law enforcement
  • News Item: How a Saudi woman's iPhone revealed hacking around the world
Podcast Photo by NASA on Unsplash