Podcast 290

  • News Item: CD Sales Grow for First Time Since 2004
  • News Item: This Year's Flu Vaccine Was Basically Worthless
  • News Item: 'Silenced No More' bill targeting NDAs used by tech companies passes in Washington state
  • News Item: U.S. eliminates human controls requirement for fully automated vehicles
  • News Item: TikTok's national security saga nears its end
  • News Item: Russia says its businesses can steal patents from anyone in 'unfriendly' countries
  • News Item: Russia creates its own TLS certificate authority to bypass sanctions
  • News Item: Internet Backbone Giant Lumen Shuns .RU
  • News Item: SEC wants public companies to report breaches within four days
  • News Item: Hacked US companies to face new reporting requirements
  • News Item: Bitcoin Was Made for This Moment. So Why Isn't It Booming?
  • News Item: No, Russia has not threatened to leave an American astronaut behind in space
  • News Item: Russia's disinformation machinery breaks down in wake of Ukraine invasion
Photo by Lucía Garó on Unsplash