Podcast 291

  • News Item: Emotet malware campaign impersonates the IRS for 2022 tax season
  • News Item: Google internet cable lands in Africa, promising fast connection
  • News Item: Facebook is locking out people who didn't activate Facebook Protect
  • News Item: Microsoft reminds of Internet Explorer's looming demise in June
  • News Item: Netflix Will Prompt Subscribers to Pay for Users Outside Their Households in New Test to Address Unauthorized Password Sharing
  • News Item: Nvidia wants to speed up data transfer by connecting data center GPUs to SSDs
  • News Item: Amazon Closes $8.5 Billion Acquisition of MGM
  • News Item: Congressional bills would ban tech mergers over $5 billion
  • News Item: Germany advises citizens to uninstall Kaspersky antivirus
  • News Item: Russian demand for VPNs skyrockets by 2,692%
  • News Item: Russia faces IT crisis with just two months of data storage left
  • News Item: "Change Password"
Photo by Microsoft