Podcast 292

  • Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo I tried to upload documents for my "real ID" Appointment In Camarillo. I had change to Firefox but still couldn't get a Camarillo appointment. Suggestions?
  • News Item: ISA adds 66 vulnerabilities to list of bugs exploited in attacks
  • News Item: Arizona is first state to launch drivers' license in Apple Wallet
  • News Item: Apple could soon turn the iPhone into a recurring subscription service
  • News Item: Not smart but clever? The return of 'dumbphones'
  • News Item: Uber Reaches Deal To List All New York City Taxis on Its App
  • News Item: Elon Musk giving 'serious thought' to build a new social media platform
  • News Item: Creative Commons opposes mandatory copyright filters, as well as using CC to justify them
  • News Item: Legislation proposed to block lengthy gag orders on tech firms after government surveillance
  • News Item: FBI trolls Russian Embassy for disgruntled would-be spies
  • News Item: EU-U.S. data transfer deal cheers business, but worries privacy activists
  • News Item: Europe enacts new law to curb Big Tech dominance