Podcast 294

  • News Item: Microsoft Edge gets performance boost with updated sleeping tabs
  • News Item: New Windows 11 Security Feature Will Require a PC Reset
  • News Item: Google Partnering With iFixit to Sell Pixel Replacement Parts
  • News Item: AirTags Are Used for Stalking Far More than Previously Reported
  • News Item: New Android banking malware remotely takes control of your device
  • News Item: Big Tech To Congress: Forget About Antitrust, Pass a Privacy Law
  • News Item: California suggests taking aim at AI-powered hiring software
  • News Item: Chinese hackers abuse VLC Media Player to launch malware loader
  • News Item: US Disrupts Russian Botnets
  • News Item: Russia threatens Wikipedia with fines over "false information"
  • News Item: Facebook says Ukraine military accounts were hacked to post calls for surrender
Photo by Microsoft