Podcast 295

  • Sue Nethercott: A moderator on YouTube got a new computer, and now she cannot highlight names on YouTube. Any idea how to fix, please?
  • Rick Curry: Latest phishing phone calls I've been getting claim to be from Apple security that has noticed unusual activity in my (non-existent) iTunes account. They offer to connect with Apple security (just press '1'). Caller ID always from a local phone number.
  • News Item: T-Mobile customers warned of unblockable SMS phishing attacks
  • News Item: 'Mute' button in conferencing apps may not actually mute your mic
  • News Item: Class-Action Lawsuit Targets Company that Harvests Location Data from 50 Million Cars
  • News Item: Microsoft-led move takes down ZLoader botnet domains
  • News Item: California Ran On Nearly 100% Clean Energy This Month
  • News Item: Book banning efforts are inspiring readers to form banned book clubs
  • News Item: Honda Orders Big Takedown of Honda-Related 3D Printing Models From Maker Communities
  • News Item: Russian Cyberattack against Ukrainian Power Grid Prevented
  • News Item: Hackers use Conti's leaked ransomware to attack Russian companies
Photo by CardMapr on Unsplash