Podcast 300

  • News Item: Netflix customers canceling service increasingly includes long-term subscribers
  • News Item: Bluetooth Flaw Allows Remote Unlocking of Digital Locks
  • News Item: PDF smuggles Microsoft Word doc to drop Snake Keylogger malware
  • News Item: Texas social media law will cause "chaos" online, Supreme Court is told
  • News Item: Microsoft: This botnet is growing fast and hunting for servers with weak passwords
  • News Item: No Joke: Google's AI Is Smart Enough to Understand Your Humor
  • News Item: China Is 3D Printing a Massive 590-Foot-Tall Dam ... And Constructing It With Without Humans
  • News Item: Google Russia forced to declare bankruptcy after bank account seizure
  • News Item: Calling a man bald counts as sexual harassment, UK judge rules
  • News Item: Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes