Podcast 302

  • Lisa Toth How do I change the background on Zoom?
  • Lisa Toth On skype there are at least 20 requests to add me to their skype list. I don't know any of these guys. I can delete them or block them. I have started to delete the entries. What do you think about this?
  • News Item: New York state passes first-ever 'right to repair' law for electronics
  • News Item: Driverless taxis are coming to the streets of San Francisco
  • News Item: Blistering data transmission record clocks over 1 petabit per second
  • News Item: Robot orders increase 40% in first quarter
  • News Item: Have an old iPad lying around? You might be able to make it run Linux soon
  • News Item: Google is killing location-based reminders
  • News Item: US ran offensive cyber ops to support Ukraine, says general
  • News Item: Russian business hit hard by tech sanctions
  • News Item: Bees are 'fish' under Calif. Endangered Species Act
  • News Item: Someone apparently leaked classified Chinese tank schematics
Podcast Photo by Barrett Ward on Unsplash