Podcast 304

  • News Item: Chrome browser extension lets you remove specific sites from search results
  • News Item: New cloud-based Microsoft Defender for home now generally available
  • News Item: Google offers to let ad rivals place YouTube ads in EU antitrust probe
  • News Item: Ethereum mining no longer profitable for many miners as energy prices and ETH dip cause perfect storm
  • News Item: Google's AI passed a famous test - and showed how the test is broken
  • News Item: The First High-Yield, Sub-Penny Plastic Processor
  • News Item: The US needs a common charger
  • News Item: Interpol seizes $50 million, arrests 2000 social engineers
  • News Item: Apple Faces German Antitrust Probe Into App Tracking Transparency
  • News Item: US User Data Has Been Repeatedly Accessed From China
Photo by Microsoft