Podcast 308

  • News Item: Google's Chrome OS Flex is now available for old PCs and Macs
  • News Item: Facebook to allow up to five profiles tied to one account
  • News Item: Intel's 12th Gen CPU can't handle the Bar exam
  • News Item: A copyright lawsuit threatens to kill free access to Internet Archive's library of books
  • News Item: Windows Media Player app gains the ability to rip CDs
  • News Item: Nobody wants to be in the office on Fridays
  • News Item: Munich court orders Tesla to reimburse customer for Autopilot problems
  • News Item: STMicro, GlobalFoundries plan new $5.7 billion French chip factory
  • News Item: Experian, You Have Some Explaining to Do
  • News Item: Amazon executives have discussed ditching Amazon Basics to appease regulators
  • News Item: Working all day in VR does not increase productivity
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash