Podcast 310

  • News Item: US govt warns Americans of escalating SMS phishing attacks
  • News Item: Ransom payments fall as fewer victims choose to pay hackers
  • News Item: Ring, Google and the Police
  • News Item: DeepMind uncovers structure of 200m proteins in scientific leap forward
  • News Item: FTC Files To Block Meta's Virtual Reality Deal
  • News Item: Apple network traffic takes mysterious detour through Russia
  • News Item: Apple and Google come under scrutiny for scammy crypto apps
  • News Item: Congressional Democrats Introduce Net Neutrality Bill
  • News Item: EU found evidence employee phones compromised with spyware -letter
  • News Item: West London Faces New Homes Ban as Electricity Grid Hits Capacity
  • News Item: Hackers using six top techniques to 'embarrass' Russia
  • News Item: Zuckerberg: Apple, Meta are in "deep, philosophical competition"
Photo by CISA