Podcast 314

  • News Item: Criminals posting counterfeit Microsoft products to get access to victims' computers
  • News Item: Musk's SpaceX and T-Mobile plan to connect mobile phones to satellites, boost cell coverage
  • News Item: DuckDuckGo opens up its free email privacy service to everyone
  • News Item: The GPU shortage is over. The GPU surplus has arrived!
  • News Item: Crypto's massive marketing efforts have drawn few new investors
  • News Item: White House Pushes Journals To Drop Paywalls on Publicly Funded Research
  • News Item: Jack Dorsey says his biggest regret is Twitter became a company
  • News Item: Eight-Year Study Shows the Dark Side of WordPress Plugins
  • News Item: Facebook Misinformation Is Bad Enough. The Metaverse Will Be Worse
Photo by Microsoft