Podcast 315

  • News Item: Underwater datacenter will open for business this year
  • News Item: Royal Caribbean Will Equip All Its Cruise Ships With Starlink Internet
  • News Item: Amazon Closes, Abandons Plans for Dozens of US Warehouses
  • News Item: Netflix Ad Tier Launch Moved Up to November to Get Ahead of Disney+
  • News Item: Judge rejects Facebook's attempt to declare Washington state campaign ad law unconstitutional
  • News Item: The ticking time bomb of modern free-to-play games
  • News Item: Shopify warns merchants against using Amazon's 'Buy With Prime' service
  • News Item: Google launches third-party Play Store billing pilot-but only cuts fees by 4%
  • News Item: EU Wants Smartphones, Tablets to Be Repairable for at Least 5 Years
  • News Item: Major VPN services shut down in India over anti-privacy law; Apple hasn't yet commented
  • News Item: Someone Hacked Largest Taxi Service In Russia, Ordered All Available Taxis To the Same Location
Photo by Subsea Cloud