Podcast 323

  • Lisa Toth: I want to show my taskbar on the left side of the screen. Help says I should be able to do this be right clicking on the taskbar to choose taskbar settings then taskbar alignment.
  • News Item: New Windows 'LockSmith' PowerToy lets you free locked files
  • News Item: Apple's $191 Billion Single-Day Surge Sets Stock-Market Record
  • News Item: California Regulators Propose Cutting Compensation For Rooftop Solar
  • News Item: Gmail will no longer allow users to revert to its old design
  • News Item: New StrelaStealer malware steals your Outlook, Thunderbird accounts
  • News Item: CRISPR cancer trial success paves the way for personalized treatments
  • News Item: An $8 mess - Twitter Blue 'verified' accounts push crypto scams
  • News Item: FTC Restores Rigorous Enforcement of Law Banning Unfair Methods of Competition
  • News Item: Court Upholds Piracy Blocking Order Against Cloudflare's DNS Resolver
  • News Item: Microsoft "irreparably damaging" EU's cloud ecosystem, industry group claims