Podcast 329

  • News Item: Desktop GPU Sales Hit 20-Year Low
  • News Item: TSMC starts volume production of most advanced chips in Taiwan
  • News Item: Metaverse off to ominous start after VR headset sales shrank in 2022
  • News Item: Hackers abuse Google Ads to spread malware in legit software
  • News Item: While Windows 7 has a fighting chance, it is game over for Windows 8.1
  • News Item: Tesla Model Y is now the best-selling car in all of Europe
  • News Item: Bad news for thousands of crypto investors: They don't own their accounts
  • News Item: Fraudulent 'popunder' Google Ad campaign generated millions of dollars
  • News Item: Amazon Begins Testing Drone Deliveries in California, Texas
  • News Item: DuckDuckGo now blocks Google sign-in pop-ups on all sites
  • News Item: FCC proposes record-breaking $300 million fine against robocaller
  • News Item: Ukraine shuts down fraudulent call center claiming 18,000 victims
  • News Item: How to Surrender to a Drone
Photo by Google Photo by Thomas Foster on Unsplash