Podcast 333

  • Joan Roberson: How do I either recover my cell phone chat or delete it... its android... and I can't recall the dang password.
  • Sue Nethercott: What do you think about ChatGPT? Google's about to join in.
  • News Item: Think twice before using Google to download software
  • News Item: Is this Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered Bing?
  • News Item: It sounds like Google will unveil its ChatGPT clone February 8
  • News Item: 'My Watch Thinks I'm Dead'
  • News Item: AI models spit out photos of real people and copyrighted images
  • News Item: Internal Heating Element Makes PCBs Self-Soldering
  • News Item: An ALS patient set a record for communicating via a brain implant: 62 words per minute
  • News Item: European Police Arrest 42 After Cracking Covert App
  • News Item: Apple should be required to let iPhone users sideload apps, Biden admin says
Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash