Podcast 342

  • Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo: I let the trial version of Avast make changes to my computer. Sometimes it won't shutdown and sometimes reboot is really slow. Suggestions? My backup is over a year old. I did recently backup my documents
  • Tony Pizza: MY computer's clock seemed to reset an hour ahead as usual with DST, but days later it was exactly another hour ahead. Setting for auto-sync was off, hadn't synced for 5 days. I turned on and time corrected. The computer had been completly turned off for a few days before this was observed. Did the DST screw up?
  • News Item: Amazon axes bookseller Book Depository as it cuts costs
  • News Item: Microsoft's rolling out Edge's AI image generator to everyone
  • News Item: FBI (and Others) Shut Down Genesis Market
  • News Item: A.I. Pop Culture Is Already Here
  • News Item: Thieves can steal cars using network bus
  • News Item: Twitter labels NPR's account as 'state-affiliated media'
  • News Item: Virgin Orbit: Richard Branson's rocket firm files for bankruptcy
  • News Item: Researchers built sonar glasses that track facial movements for silent communication
  • News Item: All Dutch govt networks to use RPKI to prevent BGP hijacking
  • News Item: E3 2023 has been canceled
  • News Item: ChatGPT falsely told voters their mayor was jailed for bribery. He may sue.

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