Podcast 343

  • News Item: Windows 11 changing Print Screen to open Snipping Tool by default
  • News Item: NYPD robocops: Hulking, 400-lb robots will start patrolling New York City
  • News Item: Twitter "no longer exists" as a company, merges into Musk's X Corp
  • News Item: Dashcam Footage Shows Driverless Cars Clogging San Francisco
  • News Item: Microsoft expands Start menu ads test with new 'treatments'
  • News Item: Nvidia's top A.I. chips are selling for more than $40,000 on eBay
  • News Item: 40% of IT security pros say they've been told not to report a data leak
  • News Item: To improve security, consider how the aviation world stopped blaming pilots
  • News Item: OpenAI's CEO confirms the company isn't training GPT-5 and 'won't for some time'
  • News Item: Ohio Gamer Pleads Guilty In Swatting that Caused a Death

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