Podcast 345

  • News Item: Microsoft rolls out Phone Link for iOS to all Windows 11 users
  • News Item: Microsoft is done with major Windows 10 updates
  • News Item: Google plans to add end-to-end encryption to Authenticator
  • News Item: The Imgur Apocalypse Is Going to Break Large Parts of the Internet
  • News Item: EU singles out 19 tech giants for online content rules
  • News Item: Tencent Cloud announces Deepfakes-as-a-Service for $145
  • News Item: Wikipedia will not perform Online Safety Bill age checks
  • News Item: Italy restores ChatGPT after OpenAI responds to regulator
  • News Item: Behind EU lawmakers' challenge to rein in ChatGPT and generative AI
  • News Item: 'GPT' may be trademarked soon if OpenAI has its way

Photo genereted by Toby Scott