Podcast 348

  • Lisa Toth: Recently my Motorola phone has started showing a confirmation for some actions at the bottom of my screen. It takes up enough of the screen that it is difficult to do something else until the notice goes away. It feels like a couple of minutes but I'm sure it's only 15 or 20 seconds.
  • News Item: HP rushes to fix bricked printers after faulty firmware update
  • News Item: Greg Abbott Signs Law Making EV Owners Pay for Their Gas-Free Cars
  • News Item: This is Instagram's new Twitter competitor
  • News Item: Google pushes .zip and .mov domains onto the Internet, and the Internet pushes back
  • News Item: Hackers infect TP-Link router firmware to attack EU entities
  • News Item: Cord-Cutting Hits All-Time High in Q1, as U.S. Pay-TV Subscriptions Fall to Lowest Levels Since 1992
  • News Item: No more hard drives will be sold after 2028
  • News Item: Twitter claims Microsoft broke API rules; Musk already threatened lawsuit
  • News Item: We are losing money': companies in Apple's repair program say they can't compete with tech giant
  • News Item: Supreme Court rules against reexamining Section 230
  • News Item: Anti-Piracy Program Accused of Violating Citizens' Fundamental Rights

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