Podcast 349

  • Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo: People might want to know. Received a call from an unknown number with Martin E Trujillo's voice. We were together
  • News Item: Safari retakes second place in global browser market share
  • News Item: HP printers should have EPEAT ecolabels revoked, trade group demands
  • News Item: Captcha Is Asking Users to Identify Objects That Don't Exist
  • News Item: Clever 'File Archiver In The Browser' phishing trick uses ZIP domains
  • News Item: Windows Copilot: Your new AI assistant for Windows 11
  • News Item: US to give away free lighthouses as GPS makes them unnecessary
  • News Item: Bitwarden Moves into Passwordless Security
  • News Item: Brain implant company Neuralink announces FDA approval of in-human clinical study
  • News Item: Tesla Model Y is now the world's best-selling car, first EV to do so
  • News Item: Professor Flunks All His Students After ChatGPT Falsely Claims It Wrote Their Papers

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