Podcast 351

  • Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo: A friend found several people using his WiFi. He changed his password but they were back the next day. I suggested a VPN. I wonder if it could be vulnerable wifi devices
  • News Item: Hundreds attend church service generated by ChatGPT
  • News Item: Sextortionists are making AI nudes from your social media images
  • News Item: Microsoft now lets you speak to its AI-powered Bing Chat
  • News Item: Vivaldi is spoofing Edge Browser to bypass Bing Chat restrictions
  • News Item: Hackers hijack legitimate sites to host credit card stealer scripts
  • News Item: Researchers discover that ChatGPT prefers repeating 25 jokes over and over
  • News Item: Mercedes first to sell vehicles in California with hands-free, eyes-off automated driving
  • News Item: GM announces it will also adopt Tesla's NACS connector
  • News Item: Google's Bard AI Can Now Write and Execute Code To Answer a Question
  • News Item: Louisiana passes bill banning kids from the internet without parental consent
  • News Item: China plans new rules to regulate file sharing services like Airdrop and Bluetooth

Photo genereted by Stable Diffusion