Podcast 352

  • Michael Megowan: How do I get photos from my old PC into my iPad?
  • News Item: You're Owed Money From a Google Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
  • News Item: Comcast complains to FCC that listing all of its monthly fees is too hard
  • News Item: Google targets fake business reviews network in new lawsuit
  • News Item: Pirated Windows 10 ISOs install clipper malware via EFI partitions
  • News Item: FCC chair to investigate exactly how much everyone hates data caps
  • News Item: Meta Wants Companies to Make Money Off Its Open-Source AI, in Challenge to Google
  • News Item: Making batteries more sustainable, more durable and better-performing
  • News Item: Texas bans kids from social media without parental consent
  • News Item: Malwarebytes may not be allowed to label rival's app as 'potentially unwanted'
  • News Item: Silicon Valley escalates the battle over returning to the office
  • News Item: Apple Is Taking On Apples in a Truly Weird Trademark Battle

Photo genereted by Picture by DALL-E