Podcast 353

  • News Item: Turn your phone off every night for five minutes, Australian PM tells residents
  • News Item: Android's emergency call shortcut is flooding dispatchers with false calls
  • News Item: Quality of new vehicles in US declining on more tech use, study shows
  • News Item: LastPass users furious after being locked out due to MFA resets
  • News Item: Harvard's New Computer Science Teacher Is a Chatbot
  • News Item: LexisNexis Is Selling Your Personal Data to ICE So It Can Try to Predict Crimes
  • News Item: Facebook and Instagram to restrict news access in Canada
  • News Item: Furthering the evolution of CentOS Stream
  • News Item: U.S. Seeks 70-Month Prison Sentence for YouTube Content ID Scammer
  • News Item: Remote work appears to be here to stay, especially for women
  • News Item: San Francisco mayor proposes tearing down Westfield Mall and other shuttered downtown retailers

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