Podcast 354

  • News Item: Microsoft has an analog optical computer that doesn't use transistors to process data
  • News Item: N.J. Supreme Court says cops need a wiretap to eavesdrop on your Facebook posts
  • News Item: Brave aims to curb practice of websites that port scan visitors
  • News Item: Proton launches open-source password manager with some limitations
  • News Item: Two more EV charging networks will add support for Tesla-style NACS plugs
  • News Item: AMD's AI chips could match Nvidia's offerings, software firm says
  • News Item: Would you leave grandma with a companion robot? Care bots and robot pets find favor in Pacific NW
  • News Item: The FBI has formed a national database to track and prevent 'swatting', but police must get a wiretap order to see posts on Facebook
  • News Item: FTC finally proposes ban on fake reviews
  • News Item: Colorado, Connecticut data privacy laws go into effect July 1
  • News Item: French Govt. Wants to Inject Domain Blocking Lists Directly Into Web Browsers
  • News Item: European companies claim the EU's AI Act could 'jeopardise technological sovereignty'

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