Podcast 355

  • News Item: Social media apps will have to shield children from dangerous stunts
  • News Item: Everyone Watches TV with Subtitles Now. How'd That Happen?
  • News Item: Inflection AI Develops Supercomputer Equipped With 22,000 NVIDIA H100 AI GPUs
  • News Item: FTC prepares "the big one," a major lawsuit targeting Amazon's core business
  • News Item: Robotaxi haters in San Francisco are disabling the AVs with traffic cones
  • News Item: Threads passes 30M sign-ups in less than 24 hours
  • News Item: NY Fed Says Months-Long Test on Digital Dollar Shows Speed Advantage
  • News Item: China's workers and the curse of 35
  • News Item: France Passes New Bill Allowing Police to Remotely Activate Cameras on Citizens' Phones
  • News Item: Mercedes-Benz says 'ja' to Tesla's EV charging connector

Photo genereted by Picture by Stable Diffusion