Podcast 356

  • Lisa Toth: I have a question about 'burner' phones related to the arrest in Manhattan, of the serial killer. Seems like he used them a lot to harass victim's families. What does a regular non-criminal need to know.
  • News Item: It's official: Smartphones will need to have replaceable batteries by 2027
  • News Item: Ripple's open market sales of XRP cryptocurrency aren't securities, court rules in landmark decision
  • News Item: Google's language model "NotebookLM" app hits public testing
  • News Item: Evernote, the memory app people forgot about, lays off entire US staff
  • News Item: What to know about the proposed law that would ban sales of cell phone location data in Mass.
  • News Item: AI detectors think the US Constitution was written by AI
  • News Item: FTC opens investigation into OpenAI over misleading statements
  • News Item: Elon Musk launches his new company, xAI
  • News Item: Twitter starts sharing ad revenue with verified creators
  • News Item: "LiFi" is stunningly fast, notably fragile-and now standardized

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