Podcast 357

  • Sue Nethercott: What should we know/do about AI?
  • Sue Nethercott: What should Musk replace the twitter logo with?
  • News Item: Microsoft force-migrating Windows Mail & Calendar apps to Outlook app in August
  • News Item: Over just a few months, ChatGPT went from correctly answering a simple math problem 98% of the time to just 2%
  • News Item: People are getting fed up with all the useless tech in their cars
  • News Item: IRS moves forward with a new free-file tax return system, supporters and critics mobilize
  • News Item: Santa Monica tests AI cameras for parking tickets
  • News Item: Sergey Brin Is Back in the Trenches at Google
  • News Item: Fear, loathing, and excitement as Threads adopts open standard used by Mastodon
  • News Item: OpenAI, Google, others pledge to watermark AI content for safety, White House says
  • News Item: Apple slams UK surveillance-bill proposals

Photo genereted by Picture by Stable Diffusion