Podcast 358

  • Sue Nethercott: What kind of computer does Barbie have, and is it pink?
  • News Item: Apple 'Punishing' iPad Pro Buyers With New Pencil Software Lockdown
  • News Item: Android phones can now tell you if there's an AirTag following you
  • News Item: Twitter's rebranding to 'X' triggers Microsoft Edge security alert
  • News Item: Google says it will start downranking non-tablet apps in the Play Store
  • News Item: SEC now requires companies to disclose cyberattacks in 4 days
  • News Item: Pandemic deaths in Ohio and Florida show partisan divide after vaccine rollout
  • News Item: Twitter commandeers @X username from man who had it since 2007
  • News Item: US Senate panel passes AM radio bill
  • News Item: OpenAI discontinues its AI writing detector due to "low rate of accuracy"
  • News Item: Researchers find deliberate backdoor in police radio encryption algorithm
  • News Item: Hugging Face, GitHub and more unite to defend open source in EU AI legislation

Photo genereted by DALL-E