Podcast 359

  • Lisa Toth: My phone will ring when there is a call coming in but it only vibrates, for texts.
  • Lisa Toth: I've been trying to set up a patient portal. I already had it set up but due to the way Last Pass filled in the "name" of the practice, I couldn't find it. Instead of the name of the practice or the log in info they had given me, Windows.net was what I saw.
  • News Item: Wells Fargo customers scramble after deposits disappear from their accounts
  • News Item: Judge clears way for DOJ's antitrust case against Google to go to trial
  • News Item: Google warns again it will start deleting inactive accounts in December
  • News Item: Google is offering an on-campus hotel 'special' to help lure workers back to the office
  • News Item: Google Reportedly Disconnecting Employees from the Internet
  • News Item: Qualcomm chip sales down 25 percent, plans layoffs
  • News Item: Apple hits 1 billion paid subscriptions
  • News Item: Pornhub goes dark in Arkansas after age verification law kicks in
  • News Item: India delays laptop import restrictions order by three months after uproar

Photo genereted by DALL-E