Podcast 360

  • Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo: This was a great workshop with important information. I didn't know there was so much information available about SD cards and everyone should check their electrical outlets.
  • News Item: Detroit police changing facial-recognition policy after pregnant woman says she was wrongly charged
  • News Item: AI-Generated Guidebooks
  • News Item: Google and Universal Music Discuss Making an AI Tool To Replicate Artists' Voices
  • News Item: Disney to raise price on ad-free Disney+ to $13.99 per month starting October 12
  • News Item: Amazon won't stop sending woman unwanted boxes of shoes
  • News Item: Amazon gets "last rites" from FTC as antitrust complaint looks imminent
  • News Item: IRS vows to digitize all taxpayer documents by 2025
  • News Item: In win for Google, judge dismisses many claims in DOJ monopoly case
  • News Item: UK defends plan to demand access to encrypted messages to protect children
  • News Item: Bots are better than humans at cracking 'Are you a robot?' Captcha tests, study finds
  • News Item: Sites scramble to block ChatGPT web crawler after instructions emerge

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