Podcast 361

  • Sue Nethercott: My most recent keyboards have had very weak Ctrl keys on the left. Even when I press very deliberately on them ctrl+c frequently fails. Is there any way I can fix them? Which are the strongest keyboards at a reasonable price?
  • News Item: Amazon warns employees who don't go to the office enough
  • News Item: Seven major automakers to build EV charging network with 30,000 chargers
  • News Item: Estimating the association between Facebook adoption and well-being in 72 countries
  • News Item: Study finds up to 200% sales boost from pure absentmindedness
  • News Item: Microsoft AI suggests food bank as a "cannot miss" tourist spot in Canada
  • News Item: The Inability to Simultaneously Verify Sentience, Location, and Identity
  • News Item: Teen hackers exploited security weaknesses in some of the world's biggest companies
  • News Item: Canada demands Meta lift news ban to allow wildfire info sharing
  • News Item: Australia's internet providers are ditching email, to the disgust of older customers
  • News Item: Stop France from forcing browsers to censor websites

Picture genereted by DALL-E