Podcast 362

  • News Item: 'Millions' of spammy emails with no opt-out cost Experian $650K
  • News Item: Windows 10 KB5029331 update introduces a new Backup app
  • News Item: SpaceX working with Cloudflare to speed up Starlink service
  • News Item: Firefox users may import Chrome extensions now
  • News Item: Sneaky Amazon Google ad leads to Microsoft support scam
  • News Item: Gmail will lock important settings behind a pop-up 2FA challenge
  • News Item: Google Chrome's useless Reading Mode to get a useful audio upgrade
  • News Item: YouTube may face billions in fines if FTC confirms child privacy violations
  • News Item: Apple supports right-to-repair bill
  • News Item: AI is biased. The White House is working with hackers to try to fix that

Picture genereted by DALL-E