Podcast 363

  • Annie Craven: Posted a request in Facebook asking for help with Windows and iPhone.
  • Lisa Toth: Question 1: I have installed Edge. However often when I open a post it asks me if I want to open in Google Play. Question 2: When I swipe down from the top of the phone screen I see some news items as well as announcements I might be interested in. Today I saw a post from my eldest with pics. I went to look at the pics but got lost in other posts. I can't find the pics now and when I went back to the pull down page the post is gone.
  • News Item: Apple Experimenting With 3D Printing to Create Devices
  • News Item: Meta Is Researching Turning Any Flat Surface Into A Virtual Keyboard
  • News Item: AI fever turns Anguilla's ".ai" domain into a digital gold mine
  • News Item: Microsoft is killing WordPad in Windows after 28 years
  • News Item: Windows 11 browser change: Europe applauds, outrage everywhere else
  • News Item: Microsoft to unbundle Teams from Office, seeks to avert EU antitrust fine
  • News Item: FCC says "too bad" to ISPs complaining that listing every fee is too hard
  • News Item: States' attempts to age-gate the Internet blocked by constitutional hurdles
  • News Item: Scrutiny of iris-scanning crypto project Worldcoin grows

Picture genereted by DALL-E