Podcast 365

  • California Legislature passes Delete Act regulating data brokers
  • Calif. passes strongest right-to-repair bill yet, requiring 7 years of parts
  • Windows 11 Snipping Tool gets OCR support to copy text from images
  • Microsoft will block 3rd-party printer drivers in Windows Update
  • Google to pay $155 million in settlements over location tracking
  • Three in Four Americans Believe AI Will Reduce Jobs
  • Microsoft Publishes Garbled AI Article Calling Tragically Deceased NBA Player "Useless"
  • Swedish criminal gangs using fake Spotify streams to launder money
  • Judge in US v. Google trial didn't know if Firefox is a browser or search engine
  • Stability AI debuts Stable Audio bringing text to audio generation to the masses
  • China sows disinformation about Hawaii fires using new techniques

Picture genereted by Toby Scott