Podcast 367

  • Lisa Toth: What is smishing?
  • News Item: You can no longer activate new Windows 11 builds with Windows 7 or 8 keys
  • News Item: Kia and Hyundai Blame TikTok and Instagram For Their Cars Getting Stolen
  • News Item: Bing Chat responses infiltrated by ads pushing malware
  • News Item: Disney's password-sharing crackdown has begun
  • News Item: Smartphone sales down 22 percent in Q2, the worst performance in a decade
  • News Item: Google accused of directing motorist to drive off collapsed bridge
  • News Item: Measuring the environmental impacts of artificial intelligence compute and applications
  • News Item: ChatGPT can now access up to date information
  • News Item: FAA Authorizes Zipline International, Inc. to Deliver Commercial Packages Using Drones That Fly Beyond Operator's Line of Sight
  • News Item: Norway wants Facebook behavioral advertising banned across Europe
  • News Item: The Supreme Court will decide if state laws limiting social media platforms violate the Constitution

Picture genereted by DALL-E