Podcast 368

  • Aaron Bell: Is the Samsung Galaxy Tablet decent for using to read PDF books? Looking for a low cost unit for school studies.
  • News Item: Netflix to open branded retail stores for some reason
  • News Item: Google.com tests a news-filled homepage, just like Bing and Yahoo
  • News Item: ACT test scores for U.S. students drop to a 30-year low
  • News Item: Cisco Can't Stop Using Hard-Coded Passwords
  • News Item: Why your new Apple iPhone 15 is overheating
  • News Item: Tesla releases official API documentation to support third-party apps
  • News Item: YouTube passes Netflix as top video source for teens
  • News Item: Right-to-repair is now the law in California
  • News Item: The $10,000-plus golden Apple Watch is now "obsolete," according to Apple
  • News Item: Chinese smart TV boxes infected with malware in PEACHPIT ad fraud campaign
  • News Item: Can open source be saved from the EU's Cyber Resilience Act?

Picture genereted by DALL-E