Podcast 370

  • News Item: Windows 11 now lets you write anywhere you can type
  • News Item: Privacy advocate challenges YouTube's ad blocking detection scripts under EU law
  • News Item: Windows 11 adds support for 11 file archives, including 7-Zip and RAR
  • News Item: Cloudflare sees surge in hyper-volumetric HTTP DDoS attacks
  • News Item: Cruise, GM's robotaxi service, suspends all driverless operations nationwide
  • News Item: New iLeakage attack steals emails, passwords from Apple Safari
  • News Item: Android 14 Storage Bug: Users Locked Out of Devices
  • News Item: Hackers can force iOS and macOS browsers to divulge passwords
  • News Item: Auto execs are coming clean: EVs aren't working
  • News Item: People are speaking with ChatGPT for hours, bringing 2013's Her closer to reality
  • News Item: The UK's controversial Online Safety Bill finally becomes law

Picture genereted by DALL-E