Podcast 371

  • Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo: I went to the Apple Store I asked about an antivirus. The clerk told me I didn't need one on a iPhone. What do you think?
  • News Item: Microsoft commits to 6 years of firmware updates for new and some older Surface PCs
  • News Item: How Microsoft is making a mess of the news after replacing staff with AI
  • News Item: Board of GM's Cruise reviewing regulatory response, technology
  • News Item: iPhone 17 to Be Assembled in India as Apple Aims to Further Diversify Supply Chain
  • News Item: Here's a rare look at Google's most lucrative search queries
  • News Item: Google Registry launches .ing domains
  • News Item: YouTube crackdown leads to 'hundreds of thousands' of ad blocker uninstalls
  • News Item: Amazon punished its own sellers to limit Walmart's reach, FTC says
  • News Item: FDA warns of infection risk from 26 big-brand eye drops; stop using immediately
  • News Item: Okta breach: 134 customers exposed in October support system hack
  • News Item: Meta faces EU ban on Facebook, Instagram targeted advertising
  • News Item: Artists may "poison" AI models before Copyright Office can issue guidance

Picture genereted by DALL-E