Podcast 375

  • News Item: 1960s chatbot ELIZA beat OpenAI's GPT-3.5 in a recent Turing test study
  • News Item: Amazon's Q has 'severe hallucinations' and leaks confidential data in public preview, employees warn
  • News Item: Meta will enforce ban on AI-powered political ads in every nation, no exceptions
  • News Item: Brit borough council apologizes for telling website users to disable HTTPS
  • News Item: X may lose up to $75 mln by year-end on advertiser exodus
  • News Item: Airlines will make a record $118 billion in extra fees this year-their websites are designed to get you to pay
  • News Item: GM's Cruise plans small relaunch of driverless robotaxis
  • News Item: Google Chrome will limit ad blockers starting June 2024
  • News Item: Google is phasing out ad personalization for some AdSense products
  • News Item: Google Chrome coders ready to cull third-party cookies from 2024
  • News Item: Google DeepMind AI reveals potential for thousands of new materials
  • News Item: Canada, Google reach C$100 mln deal to keep news in search results

Picture courtesy of Eliza