Podcast 377

  • News Item: HP TV ads claim its printers are 'made to be less hated'
  • News Item: X discusses using Amazon's ad-buying software
  • News Item: Mickey Mouse will soon belong to you and me — with some caveats
  • News Item: ChatGPT did not increase cheating in high schools, Stanford researchers find
  • News Item: Pharmacies share medical data with police without a warrant, inquiry finds
  • News Item: Meta publicly launches AI image generator trained on your Facebook, Instagram photos
  • News Item: Google Will Stop Telling Law Enforcement Which Users Were Near a Crime
  • News Item: TikTok requires users to “forever waive” rights to sue over past harms
  • News Item: Suspects can refuse to provide phone passcodes to police, court rules
  • News Item: What to do when receiving unprompted MFA OTP codes

Picture genereted by DALL-E