Podcast 378

  • News Item: Car Buyer Tricks Chevy AI Bot Into Selling A Tahoe For $1
  • News Item: The rise and fall of Usenet
  • News Item: Interpol operation arrests 3,500 cybercriminals, seizes $300 million
  • News Item: A group representing TikTok, Meta and X sues Utah over strict new limits on app use for minors
  • News Item: FTC bans Rite Aid from using AI facial recognition in stores for 5 years
  • News Item: Massachusetts lawmakers mull 'killer robot' bill
  • News Item: 38% of VCs disappeared from dealmaking in 2023
  • News Item: AI and Mass Spying
  • News Item: Meta's news ban in Canada remains as Online News Act goes into effect
  • News Item: AI companies would be required to disclose copyrighted training data under new bill
  • News Item: Facebook's Meta fined for breaches of Italian gambling ads ban

Picture genereted by Unsplash.com