Podcast 379

  • Lisa Toth: When I log onto my new Samsung tab S9 FE in a few seconds I get an error message. "Process system isn't responding. Close app or wait." Any idea what is going on?
  • News Item: SpaceX deploys direct-to-smartphone satellites in first launch of 2024
  • News Item: Third-party cookies restricted by default for 1% of Chrome users
  • News Item: The hottest new dating site
  • News Item: Microsoft pulls the plug on WordPad
  • News Item: Discontinued and unreleased Microsoft peripherals revived by licensing deal
  • News Item: ChatGPT could soon replace Google Assistant on your Android phone
  • News Item: Google Contractor Pays Parents $50 to Scan Their Childrens' Faces
  • News Item: Huawei Teardown Shows 5nm Chip Made in Taiwan, Not China
  • News Item: Drones Are the New Drug Mules
  • News Item: U.S. Moves Closer to Filing Sweeping Antitrust Case Against Apple
  • News Item: Police to be able to run face recognition searches on 50m driving licence holders
  • News Item: NY Times sues OpenAI, Microsoft for infringing copyrighted works

Photo genereted by DALL-E