Podcast 381

  • Watch out for "I can't believe he is gone" Facebook phishing posts
  • 30TB hard drives are nearly here - Seagate's Mozaic 3+ HAMR platform to provide the next jump in HDD capacities
  • Inside the Crime Rings Trafficking Sand
  • WordPad out; 80Gbps USB support and other Win 11 features in testing this month
  • Cable firms to FTC: We shouldn't have to let users cancel service with a click Verizon won't stop charging $3.30 "Telco Recovery" fee, may raise it again
  • AI Report
    • Mustafa Suleymen (deepmind) says an LLM will be its own CEO in half a decade
    • Rabbit R1 powered by Perplexity AI
    • Sam Altman chasing $ billions to power OpenAI
    • BMW will employ Figure, AI robot at South Carolina plant
    • Zuckerberg's goal: create AGI, joining OpenAI, Google
    • AI-generated content can sometimes slip into your Google News feed
    • ASU will have full access to OpenAI from February
    • Bing's market share barely positive after ChatGTP added
    • Users will probably have to pay for AI Alexa after June
    • Samsung’s $1,300 phone might someday have fees for AI usage
    • ChatGPT users may soon learn whether false outputs will be allowed to ruin lives.
    • "ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information".
    • Criminalizing deepfake Porn: N.J HS, $150K, 10 yrs.
    • Delivery Firm’s AI Chatbot Curses at Customer and Criticizes Company (DPD)
  • Apple Offers to Open Mobile Payments to Third Parties Amid EU Antitrust Case
  • Music streaming platforms must pay artists more, says EU

Photo genereted by DALL-E