Podcast 382

  • Robocall with artificial Joe Biden voice tells Democrats not to vote
  • Microsoft releases first Windows Server 2025 preview build
  • Meta moves to protect teens from unwanted messages on Instagram, Facebook
  • Using Google Search to Find Software Can Be Risky
  • AI Follies
    • AI Bots on X (Twitter)
    • US antitrust inquiry targets OpenAI and Anthropic's deals with Big Tech
    • Europe launches AI one-stop shop with supercomputers for startups
    • Netflix Adds Generative AI to Competitive Risk Factors in Its Annual Report
    • OpenAI updates ChatGPT-4 model with potential fix for AI “laziness” problem
    • Italy fines first city for privacy breaches in use of AI
    • Apple's Large Language Model Shows Up in New iOS Code
    • California Lawmakers Push for Watermarks on AI-Made Photo, Video
  • SEC confirms X account was hacked in SIM swapping attack
  • Apple to allow downloads outside App Store in EU, with new fees
  • Apple faces 'strong action' if App Store changes fall short, EU's Breton says
  • Shameless Insult, Malicious Compliance, Junk Fees, Extortion Regime: Industry Reacts To Apple's Proposed Changes Over Digital Markets Act
  • Mozilla says Apple’s new browser rules are ‘as painful as possible’ for Firefox

Photo genereted by DALL-E